We get a lot of questions from both current clients and prospective ones each month. We’ve decided to get some of these answered on our blog every month. Perhaps in the future we’ll be able to compile a more centrally located frequently asked questions section. Today’s question is: “What is On-Page?”

On-Page, or even on-site, refers to everything Google views on your own website. On-page includes your domain, content on the page, coding behind the scenes, schema mark up, keyword density, media on the page, etc. The three most important on-page factors are the SEO title tag, the content on the actual page, and a combination of SEO/natural optimization.

These days, Google had gotten much more advanced. Honestly, this is a great, great thing when running Phoenix campaigns. It makes our job easier, and makes it easier for Google to sniff out the websites who really aren’t trusted or providing good information. We want to be doing both: having a trusted website and making sure Google knows about it. That’s really where the beauty of SEO comes in to get the attention of Google and rise in the ranks over time.

So, for anything you’re going on-page, you want to keep in mind remaining natural. This includes your title tag, content on the page, alt tags you use for images, and anything else you’re optimizing. Don’t use the same keywords over and over again. Look to say things differently (and naturally) and use synonyms. This is going to keep your keyword density down (which we want to be rather low, so it’s more natural).

Other on-page factors include having proper site structure and siloing of pages. This is vital to pass link juice to important pages from related ones. It’s most a best practice and a natural indicator of a page being references. Once you get your on-page nailed down, the next, big (multi-faceted) factor is off-page. That will be the topic of our next blog post. Until next time, stay classy and get in touch, will you?

When you’re first getting to understand SEO, it’s important to ask questions. Questions like, “what is an SEO company?“, “what are backlinks?”, “how can I get the most out of my monthly campaign?”, etc.

However, once you understand the process and you’re ready to pull the trigger, it’s time to trust the agency you’re choosing and let them do their thing. Monthly campaigns are run monthly for a reason. It takes time for work to be completed, and it also takes time for Google to take notice of the changes.

We get a lot of questions about local SEO. After all, we run many Scottsdale and Phoenix focused campaigns. We’re fortunate enough to stay in such a popular, well-searched area. This allows us to work within many local industries and markets. Anyways, one of the biggest topics we get questions about are citations.

Put simply, citations are mention of your website on someone else’s website. This might be a directory, a blog article that was written about your business, a social media profile, and so on. A full citation includes your name, address and phone number, and is a simple way for Google to have more confidence in the fact that you’re a reputable, credible business.

If you have a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and you’re running an updated YouTube channel (and you have your business’ information listed on each of these), chances are you’re much more reputable than a business without these channels, and without these mentions (citations).

Now, most of the time, your strategy is going to include getting citations consistently. There are many high authority (DA) listings and directories out there that are important to get citations on. Some of them are really well know. Others aren’t. This is part of the secret sauce the right SEO company can help you apply.

We’ll give you a couple here, but feel free to get in contact with us to discuss working together. We’d be happy to be crushing it for you, and not be giving you more tasks to do. We know you’re already busy enough.

Thumbtack allows you to add a partial citation. YellowPages gives you a relatively full profile for free. So does LinkedIn and CrunchBase. These are all high trust, high authority citations (and links). Lock these down and keep adding more each month.

There are hundreds, even thousands more, high quality citations to get. It’s important to keep sending Google signals of trust and authority, so your business continues to improve in the rankings over time. For more information on citations and your own domain, go ahead and get in contact with us.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Essentially, it’s the proactive process and strategy behind effectively optimizing your web property for search engines. Google is usually focused on most, with some attention being paid to Yahoo and Bing as well.

The first piece to the puzzle is deciding on what type of media you’d like to optimize. Websites are the most common type of property a company will optimize, and they usually make up the foundation of an effective campaign. Some other examples include articles that have been published on other websites, videos to optimize, guest articles, featured posts for reputation management, and more.

Effective SEO companies are made up of knowledgeable individuals who have been executing effective search marketing campaigns for years. Here at SEOSatori, we’ve been optimizing for search for over a decade, which means we’ve gone through a lot of data, and have seen what works best.

Another important factor is whether or not the firm is staying up-to-date on the latest best practices. Throughout the last three to four years, Google has made many changes within their algorithm. If you’re working with a company who was good in the past, but haven’t changed with the times, you’ll end up not getting the type of results you’re truly after.

One more factor we’d like to touch on is remembering that search engine optimization is a commitment to long-term growth when it comes to leads, sales and new customers. Most search campaigns take three to six months to mature, as progress is tracked along the way.

If you’re interested in starting a campaign for your Arizona-based business in Phoenix, or even nationwide, we’d love to connect. We can’t always take on every client, but would be happy to discuss if working together makes sense. If not, we’re glad to provide a few tips on what you can do to optimize your website yourself.

Our aim is to always be running win-win campaigns that are ROI-focused, so we can continue to work together for years to come, profitably and proactively. Click here to get in touch with us now.

When it comes to searching for an online marketing company, one of the biggest factors you should take into account is do they put their money where their month is? Are they executing on what they’re looking to do for you?

Here at SEOSatori, we execute both local and national search marketing campaigns. This page actually targets the Scottsdale, Arizona area, so we can attract local clients and businesses to work with, to help market their own products and services.

It’s the same type of marketing campaign that I’d love to plan out, strategize, and deploy for you and your business. Online marketing is fantastic for improving your branding and online presence, while attracting new leads, visitors and sales for your company.

Each project starts with us discussing your goals, objectives, and the services you’d like to promote most. These are usually your highest margin, most in demand products or services. We believe in an 80-20 focus, rather than being too all encompassing. Spreading budget too thinly is a recipe for not getting the rankings your business deserves.

From there, strategic keyword research is executed, as well as on-page changes. These usually include meta title and description changes, additional content added to key pages, and new page content generation (depending on if we need to add more pages or blog posts, possibly both).

The best way for us to get things rolling is to get in touch with me. I’d be happy to take a look at your current website, your existing products and services, as well as if it makes sense for us to work together. We not only target Scottsdale, but any city, as well as nationally-focused campaigns.

Click the button above to get in touch now, and we’ll discuss the campaign together. From there, the sky’s the limit, so let’s get started optimizing today. The sooner we start, the sooner we can add new customers to your business.


There’s been a long debate dividing the SEO industry. This consists of white hat and black hat techniques, links and strategies. Some people may even call some of these techniques or strategies gray hat, meaning they’re somewhere in-between. Within this article I hope to clear up some confusion and let you know how to stay as safe as possible with your optimization efforts (now, and into the future).

There are two main truths within SEO. Number one, everything we do is meant to influence another. Put simply, we don’t control Google. We do our absolute best to understand it, develop best practices, and go off of this data efficiently and effectively, but that doesn’t mean we’re in complete control. Number two, at the end of the day everything we’re doing is “helping” Google optimize our website for search. In a sense, we’re manipulating this process, which Google (actually) doesn’t like. So it’s a bit of a double-edged sword.

Now, with that being said, Google isn’t stupid. They know most companies know about search engine optimization, and simply want to help themselves show up higher within the search engines in a helpful way. Google wants to please their searchers and accomplish user intent, so the process works out in the end. However, this is where many people, as well as companies, have developed aggressive, unsustainable strategies to push sites up the rankings, only to have them fall back down or fall out of the index after a certain period of time.

This is what we’d refer to as black hat tactics. Strategies that will get you short term results only. It’s not that the techniques don’t work, they’re just geared to work in a certain way. Now, a more traditional white hat approach isn’t exactly the most effective approach either. If Google had it its way, everything would get linked to naturally all over the web, and show within the search engines that way. However, that’s nearly impossible for most newer companies who don’t receive press, attention and/or links. So what’s the answer? Conscious naturalness.

Best practices are in place for a reason. Going by actual, sustainable ranking website data is the key. We want to appear as natural as possible with our optimization efforts over the long term. Would a regular company take this action? Yes? Then do it. Would they use an exact match keyword in a blog comment? No? Then don’t do it. It’s as simple as that. Google wants to reward brands and natural efforts. To me, this answers the black versus white questions. Do what works, and what’s going to continue working. Be natural.

We’ve accomplished great rankings for ourselves, and for many other companies in Arizona and across the nation. Looking to put together a campaign in Phoenix or Scottsdale? We’ve got you covered. Simply send us an email on our contact form or give me a call. I also rank really well within Scottsdale, so you can also find a few more of my properties there. I’m always running new tests and looking to get the most data possible. Talk soon.


Whether you’re an excited foodie, food blogger or restaurateur looking for secret culinary delights, Phoenix offers a truly majestic array of restaurants and cafes for every taste and budget.

Eating out in Phoenix isn’t just a treat for your taste buds – it’s often a treat for your senses as well as many restaurants are strategically built with majestic views of mountain sceneries that you will surely fall in love with.

Mountainside Delights

Located along Lincoln Drive, El Chorro is a great place to start your culinary adventure in Phoenix. El Chorro offers charming and romantic interiors and a great mountainside view outside. Feast on local favorites while enjoying the scenery on the patio or have some quality time with friends or your spouse indoors.

This restaurant is definitely a prime pick for some early evening enjoyment, especially if you’re looking for a “$20 and up” restaurant with a contemporary, outdoor bar with a view.

Now if you’re looking for a vital confluence of old and new, LON’s at the Hermosa is a wonderful place to eat. You can find The Hermosa Inn along N. Palo Cristi Road.

LON’s architecture is undoubtedly Spanish mixed with modern Mexican and North American undercurrents. Regular patrons of the LON’s describes the food here as creative and bold which is something that we all need in our lives. Enjoy wonderful flavors with amazing mountainside views when you visit Paradise Valley and eat at LON’s at the Hermosa.

Another inspired restaurant worth visiting is the Kai Restaurant, which can be found along W. Wild Horse Pass Avenue. Terraced with a beautiful view of endless mountain ranges, you will find amazing dishes here that are influenced by the Maricopa Native American menu as well as well-loved Southwestern flavors from around the state. Don’t leave Phoenix without visiting at least one mountainside restaurant!

The European Streak

When you’re done enjoying Spanish cuisine from El Chorro and LON’s at the Hermosa, it’s time to sample Phoenix’s signature “European streak” by visiting award-winning restaurants that boast of extraordinary chefs specializing in European-inspired cuisine.

For a French take on contemporary Southwestern favorites, we highly recommend visiting Vincent on Camelback.

Located on E. Camelback Road, Vincent on Camelback proudly features rustic dining sets and indoor sculptures and fountains with the right ambiance for a romantic dinner for two. Vincent on Camelback is cozy, low-key and perfect for people who are looking for time away from the bustle of city life.

For some Italian-inspired dining with an equally lovable outdoor patio dining area, pay the Pizzeria Bianco a visit for some fresh and mouthwatering Italian creations. Pizzas are fired up in massive stone ovens which ensure a soft crust and the ideal flavors locked in and ready for your enjoyment.

The Pizzaria Bianco can be found along Camelback Road and is also accessible through N. 22nd Street and E. Highland Avenue. The Pizzeria Bianco has been operating in Phoenix for more than 25 years so it’s considered a truly local restaurant success.

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How can online marketing help your business?

Every local business that is dedicated to its customers deserves a profit boost. Larger businesses may have arrived first but that doesn’t mean that your business can’t flourish on the Web. So whether you own a food truck or a flower shop, the World Wide Web has something to offer – if you’re willing to give online marketing a shot.

As of December 2014, Google has served more than 10 billion search queries to a global audience. 78% of active Web users in the United States are currently using their laptops and smartphones to locate relevant products and services online.

Twitter is currently the king of social media marketing, with a 2.6% conversion rate. The average conversion rate of all other social media platforms is only 1.6%. As you can see, your market is logically looking for your business at this moment. But the question is: are you there to receive your online customers and leads?

Unbeatable Benefits

The first thing that business owners consider when they hear about online marketing is “how will this help my business?” Here are some of the major advantages of online marketing:

  1. (Much) Lower Cost

Consider the cost of traditional marketing (say, printing thick catalogs, cold-calling potential leads and mailing promotions directly to people who have signed up) and compare this cost to what professional SEO agencies ask for when you want a fully functional website that appears on Google when people search for targeted keywords.

The cost varies, but you will probably save around 80% of your hard-earned profits if you choose to bring your business online. Each visitor on your website is equivalent to a customer walking into your store and looking around Until they find something to buy. Excited? You should be!

  1. Targeted Traffic

“Traffic” refers to the volume of visitors that your website will soon enjoy. However, not all Web traffic is useful. Like people walking down a street on a sunny day, not all of these people are interested in buying from your store.

Luckily, there are ways to deliver promotions directly to your market. If you already have a niche, all you have to do is to bring quality information and targeted marketing to the table and you’ll have a great way to boost your profits from online sales.

Branding will also gain traction much more quickly when people can take a look at your website and social media accounts any time of the day.

  1. Progress Tracking

Online marketing, like other types of marketing, can be measured and adjusted depending on the results that you get. If something doesn’t work on your first try, you can perform keyword tracking, location statistics and much more.

Expert Web analytics can help you increase sales by offering precious insight as to what people want to see on your website. Tried-and-tested techniques such as split-testing on the other hand can give you an idea what type of web design is best suited for a particular campaign. Everything on the Web can be effectively measured!

  1. Instant Profits

The beauty of online marketing is that the money can flow into your bank account daily. People can make purchases directly from your website using their PayPal account or credit card. So whether you’re selling flowers or colorful iguanas, there’s always a way to create a direct response system for people who want to buy from you.

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Phoenix, Arizona is the sixth largest city in the United States, with over 1.4 million residents in the last federal census. Aptly named after the legendary bird, Phoenix is also known as the “Valley of the Sun” and is a well-loved city because of its amazing city attractions and friendly locals.

History has it that a Spanish friar by the name of Marcos de Niza was the first person to record the expanse of Arizona itself as he searched for the golden cities.

Phoenix is considered a major player in local tourism as it regularly attracts both foreign and local tourists from the surrounding regions. In addition to its tourist-friendly centers, the city is also home to large manufacturing plants, production facilities for aircraft, factories for electrical products, etc.

In terms of industry, the Valley of the Sun boasts a wide array of medium and large scale industries which also speaks of the economic robustness of this city.

Tourists tend to arrive in droves during the springtime when the temperature is just right. Wintertime is also a great time for visitors as golf is a logical choice if you want to be outdoors.

The great expanse of land that Arizona offers is exemplified in the city of Phoenix. There is really no shortage of activities in this city because if you’re not interested in golf during the winter, there’s always something to do like visit the Heard Museum or the local botanical garden.

For people who want to get out and explore the heart of the city, your visit would not be complete without heading to the South Mountain Park where gold is actively being collected and beloved Mother Nature can be enjoyed in peace with your family. As for culture and arts, you can visit a large number of cultural centers dedicated to performance art, contemporary art and global arts.

Are you a lover of natural science? If so, you’ll be glad that Phoenix also has something for you – the Phoenix Arizona Living History Museum and of course, the botanical gardens we mentioned earlier for a running record of local botanical species currently being nurtured by the warm Arizona soil.

The Desert Botanical Garden is a must-see especially if you have kids in tow. Enjoy culture in the evening while the kids explore natural history in the afternoon!

Lodging is definitely not a problem in Phoenix as this city offers a wide variety of hotels and small lodgings for every budget. We highly recommend hotels with a mountainside view so you can maximize your enjoyment of the unique geographic landscape of Arizona itself. This city aptly summarizes Arizona as a great state – there is just so much to see and do that you have to get a hotel room with a majestic mountainside view to cap off your day!

And don’t forget – there are local festivals in Phoenix where you can sample a great mix of local dishes and snacks while mingling with the locals. Get caught up in the whirlwind of city living while enjoying the laidback lifestyle of Phoenix. Visit Phoenix, Arizona today!

SEO online marketing is hugely important for a business within Phoenix. Contact Us today to find out more.


The world of professional online marketing has its own code and standards: know these and you’ll have a safe harbor for the business that you are trying to bring online.

Ignore these standards and you may find yourself wondering why your online promotions are not generating leads and/or profit the way you envisioned them to.

Truth # 1: Too Much Promotion Can Harm Your Business

Promoting products and services on the Web is the backbone of the online economy. We’re here because we can generate profit by reaching our target markets online. However, this doesn’t mean that you can resort to spamming your email list with endless ads or design your website in such a way that your visitors see nothing but advertisements.

If you want to provide content to your visitors and promote a product or service at the same time, make sure that you follow the “90% Rule”. The 90% Rule states that ninety percent of your content should be focused and should provide real value to readers. The rest of the content can then be strategically used to promote your business.

Truth # 2: Authoritative Figures Win

You may have come across some poorly created online promotions where it’s very obvious that the website owner is just trying to sell or promote products online. There are literally millions of other pages trying to do the same thing.

Don’t commit the same mistake – the experience would be too costly a lesson. Again, focus on quality content and build your branding around being an authority and a true source of reliable information. If you’re promoting health products, invest some time in research and update your website with articles and/or blog posts regularly.

Truth # 3: The Customer is King!

When you are planning to promote something online, your customers or end-users should be at the top of your priority. It should be a win-win situation when someone clicks on your links. If your visitors feel that they will be genuinely benefiting from something, they’re more likely to make a purchase.

Truth # 4: Planning Can Save Your Promotion

It’s easy to get distracted when you read about “fast tips” on how to promote something online. Don’t be deceived: the truly profitable online presences have invested a lot of time in carefully planning and laying out how they would actually market their products to people.

Signing up for ad services and web hosting is just 1% of the total effort needed. If you’re not sure where your online promotion is going, a professional SEO agency can lend you a helping hand.

Truth # 5: You Have To Know Your Market

Online marketers utilize advertising platforms that target specific locations, genders and age groups to name a few factors that affect any campaign. Your online promotion should be highly targeted so you can ensure a high ROI in the shortest period of time after the promotion.

Truth # 6: Make Buying Easy

When someone is ready to buy something from you, make sure that the ordering and payment system in your website is up and running. Your visitors should be able to access your “shopping cart” system in all relevant pages.

Truth # 7: Utilize Customer Commitment

Offering something after a recent promotion (this is called a post-promotion) can help skyrocket your profits. Why? Because if you promote to people who have already made a purchase, these folks already have a commitment to buy from you. Capitalize on this commitment!

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If you’re planning to visit Phoenix, Arizona sometime soon, you’re probably wondering what’s waiting for you in the “Valley of the Sun”, which boasts over 1.4 million friendly city folk.

Whether you’re on a business trip with a few days to relax or you’re looking for a new, fresh place to experience great nightlife, arts, culture, shopping and even science, Phoenix is the place to be. Named after the mythical bird of legend, Phoenix offers a plethora of delights to travelers and locals alike. It’s time to discover this amazing city today!

Culture & Arts

If you feel the need to refresh your mind and get some new perspectives on the world that we live in, you need to experience local culture to give your mind ‘fresh food’ to feast on. Interested in seeing majestic flowers and plant life in the region? Visit the Desert Botanical Garden and see the rich collection of botanical species that Arizona is currently supporting.

Thinking of music and theater? The Phoenix Symphony Hall regularly features local and international performances that you will really enjoy. You can also watch shows at the Ballet Arizona or enjoy wonderful stage performances at the Orpheum Theater.

If you want to immerse yourself in local history, head over to the Heard Museum. The Heard Museum is also home to Native American historical artifacts from around the region. For contemporary art, the SMOCA always has something to offer. For an eclectic mix of art from North America and around the globe, you can also visit the Phoenix Art Museum. It’s time to fill your senses with delight… Indulge in culture and art!

Feel at Home

There is no shortage of premium lodgings for visitors in Phoenix. For lovers of nature and mountainside views, check out the Montelucia or the Camelback Inn. There’s even a hotel that is well-known for being the favorite lodging of the silver screen legend Marilyn Monroe.

If you want to retrace her steps, feel free to pay the Arizona Biltmore a visit. If you adore a more retro ambiance, you need to see the Hotel Valley Ho which boasts great interiors and fun activities for the family, too.

Local Events & Shopping

Your visit to Phoenix, Arizona won’t be complete if you miss much-awaited events where warm and friendly locals come out to enjoy themselves. For football lovers, check out the interactive NFL theme park by GMC. If sports aren’t your main interest, head over to Street Eats Food Truck Festival where you can sample an amazing array of local and regional foods.

You can also watch cooking demonstrations and there’s some live music, too! For something a bit out of the ordinary, visit the World Championship Hoop Dance Contest. This competition is held at the Heard Museum so be sure to ask about it when you pay this place a visit.

If you’re thinking of capping off your visit with shopping, be sure to visit these great places to enjoy unique finds at great prices:

– Lulus Moonfish
– Diva Divine Boutique
– Pandora Jewelry
– Rare Lion Antiques and Jewelry
– Historic District Antique Mall


Did You Know? Many businesses form strategic alliances to provide high quality services. Many agencies have built up their knowledge about search engine optimization, but resell top quality services provided by another business. These are called reseller programs, and they should have a place in most everyone’s business model.

SEO marketing is the first thing you need to accomplish if you’re planning to bring your business or organization on the World Wide Web.

Back in the nineties, even the simplest websites could rush to the top of search rankings because competition was generally low and only a handful of brave businesses trusted the Internet to generate leads.

Today’s online marketing atmosphere is 100% more competitive and dynamic.

Gone are the days when you could just put a string a related keywords on the bottom of a web page and get good results on Yahoo or Google. Those days are never coming back because of massive changes in how search engines work.

So if you’re still thinking of using antiquated methods when you bring your business online, your new web presence will likely suffer from a gigantic lack of exposure.

Targeting and reaching an online market requires the expertise of an SEO company or SEO agency. SEO or search engine optimization is a powerful process of creating and maintaining a dynamic online presence.

There is no “magic” involved in SEO. True SEO is accomplished through the concerted effort of SEO tacticians, professional copywriters, web programmers and graphic designers.

What are the objectives of SEO?

The main objectives of search engine optimization are as follows:

  1. Functional Website

Create a dynamic and functional web presence that works perfectly on the most popular platforms especially on mobile platforms like Android, iOS and all other platforms in between. If your website looks microscopic when viewed on a smartphone, you need an SEO company to fix your website so that it becomes “mobile-friendly”.

  1. Increase Search Ranking & Traffic Volume

Employ a variety of legitimate and high-impact strategies that will drive targeted traffic to your website (this is very important for generating sales and leads) while naturally lifting your website to the top positions on Google, Yahoo or Bing. People usually click on the first 3 rankings for any search term or keyword. If your website isn’t on top, potential visitors will never reach your website.

  1. Revamp & Redesign

Redesign your website’s interface, look and feel to suit your needs and most importantly, your online visitors’ needs.

An SEO agency will often analyze current web presences for free to see how “healthy” through tried-and-tested bench marking methods. You will be informed as to what types of changes are needed to make your website an ideal platform for your business, organization or cause.

  1. Employ Current Standards

Nothing is more frustrating than being penalized by Google for using faulty content or worse, “keyword stuffing” or using too many keywords to create a false impression that your web page is highly relevant for specific keywords.

Search engines are billion-dollar businesses that employ dynamic web standards to ensure that better information is delivered to users at all times.

If your website does not conform to these standards, it may be ranked lower for your target keyword or worse, it could never see the light of day on the biggest search engines.

For more details, check out our Phoenix marketing services page, or fill in our contact form.