Foodie Delights in Phoenix, Arizona


Whether you’re an excited foodie, food blogger or restaurateur looking for secret culinary delights, Phoenix offers a truly majestic array of restaurants and cafes for every taste and budget.

Eating out in Phoenix isn’t just a treat for your taste buds – it’s often a treat for your senses as well as many restaurants are strategically built with majestic views of mountain sceneries that you will surely fall in love with.

Mountainside Delights

Located along Lincoln Drive, El Chorro is a great place to start your culinary adventure in Phoenix. El Chorro offers charming and romantic interiors and a great mountainside view outside. Feast on local favorites while enjoying the scenery on the patio or have some quality time with friends or your spouse indoors.

This restaurant is definitely a prime pick for some early evening enjoyment, especially if you’re looking for a “$20 and up” restaurant with a contemporary, outdoor bar with a view.

Now if you’re looking for a vital confluence of old and new, LON’s at the Hermosa is a wonderful place to eat. You can find The Hermosa Inn along N. Palo Cristi Road.

LON’s architecture is undoubtedly Spanish mixed with modern Mexican and North American undercurrents. Regular patrons of the LON’s describes the food here as creative and bold which is something that we all need in our lives. Enjoy wonderful flavors with amazing mountainside views when you visit Paradise Valley and eat at LON’s at the Hermosa.

Another inspired restaurant worth visiting is the Kai Restaurant, which can be found along W. Wild Horse Pass Avenue. Terraced with a beautiful view of endless mountain ranges, you will find amazing dishes here that are influenced by the Maricopa Native American menu as well as well-loved Southwestern flavors from around the state. Don’t leave Phoenix without visiting at least one mountainside restaurant!

The European Streak

When you’re done enjoying Spanish cuisine from El Chorro and LON’s at the Hermosa, it’s time to sample Phoenix’s signature “European streak” by visiting award-winning restaurants that boast of extraordinary chefs specializing in European-inspired cuisine.

For a French take on contemporary Southwestern favorites, we highly recommend visiting Vincent on Camelback.

Located on E. Camelback Road, Vincent on Camelback proudly features rustic dining sets and indoor sculptures and fountains with the right ambiance for a romantic dinner for two. Vincent on Camelback is cozy, low-key and perfect for people who are looking for time away from the bustle of city life.

For some Italian-inspired dining with an equally lovable outdoor patio dining area, pay the Pizzeria Bianco a visit for some fresh and mouthwatering Italian creations. Pizzas are fired up in massive stone ovens which ensure a soft crust and the ideal flavors locked in and ready for your enjoyment.

The Pizzaria Bianco can be found along Camelback Road and is also accessible through N. 22nd Street and E. Highland Avenue. The Pizzeria Bianco has been operating in Phoenix for more than 25 years so it’s considered a truly local restaurant success.

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