The 7 Truths of Online Marketing


The world of professional online marketing has its own code and standards: know these and you’ll have a safe harbor for the business that you are trying to bring online.

Ignore these standards and you may find yourself wondering why your online promotions are not generating leads and/or profit the way you envisioned them to.

Truth # 1: Too Much Promotion Can Harm Your Business

Promoting products and services on the Web is the backbone of the online economy. We’re here because we can generate profit by reaching our target markets online. However, this doesn’t mean that you can resort to spamming your email list with endless ads or design your website in such a way that your visitors see nothing but advertisements.

If you want to provide content to your visitors and promote a product or service at the same time, make sure that you follow the “90% Rule”. The 90% Rule states that ninety percent of your content should be focused and should provide real value to readers. The rest of the content can then be strategically used to promote your business.

Truth # 2: Authoritative Figures Win

You may have come across some poorly created online promotions where it’s very obvious that the website owner is just trying to sell or promote products online. There are literally millions of other pages trying to do the same thing.

Don’t commit the same mistake – the experience would be too costly a lesson. Again, focus on quality content and build your branding around being an authority and a true source of reliable information. If you’re promoting health products, invest some time in research and update your website with articles and/or blog posts regularly.

Truth # 3: The Customer is King!

When you are planning to promote something online, your customers or end-users should be at the top of your priority. It should be a win-win situation when someone clicks on your links. If your visitors feel that they will be genuinely benefiting from something, they’re more likely to make a purchase.

Truth # 4: Planning Can Save Your Promotion

It’s easy to get distracted when you read about “fast tips” on how to promote something online. Don’t be deceived: the truly profitable online presences have invested a lot of time in carefully planning and laying out how they would actually market their products to people.

Signing up for ad services and web hosting is just 1% of the total effort needed. If you’re not sure where your online promotion is going, a professional SEO agency can lend you a helping hand.

Truth # 5: You Have To Know Your Market

Online marketers utilize advertising platforms that target specific locations, genders and age groups to name a few factors that affect any campaign. Your online promotion should be highly targeted so you can ensure a high ROI in the shortest period of time after the promotion.

Truth # 6: Make Buying Easy

When someone is ready to buy something from you, make sure that the ordering and payment system in your website is up and running. Your visitors should be able to access your “shopping cart” system in all relevant pages.

Truth # 7: Utilize Customer Commitment

Offering something after a recent promotion (this is called a post-promotion) can help skyrocket your profits. Why? Because if you promote to people who have already made a purchase, these folks already have a commitment to buy from you. Capitalize on this commitment!

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