What Online Marketing Can Bring Your Business


How can online marketing help your business?

Every local business that is dedicated to its customers deserves a profit boost. Larger businesses may have arrived first but that doesn’t mean that your business can’t flourish on the Web. So whether you own a food truck or a flower shop, the World Wide Web has something to offer – if you’re willing to give online marketing a shot.

As of December 2014, Google has served more than 10 billion search queries to a global audience. 78% of active Web users in the United States are currently using their laptops and smartphones to locate relevant products and services online.

Twitter is currently the king of social media marketing, with a 2.6% conversion rate. The average conversion rate of all other social media platforms is only 1.6%. As you can see, your market is logically looking for your business at this moment. But the question is: are you there to receive your online customers and leads?

Unbeatable Benefits

The first thing that business owners consider when they hear about online marketing is “how will this help my business?” Here are some of the major advantages of online marketing:

  1. (Much) Lower Cost

Consider the cost of traditional marketing (say, printing thick catalogs, cold-calling potential leads and mailing promotions directly to people who have signed up) and compare this cost to what professional SEO agencies ask for when you want a fully functional website that appears on Google when people search for targeted keywords.

The cost varies, but you will probably save around 80% of your hard-earned profits if you choose to bring your business online. Each visitor on your website is equivalent to a customer walking into your store and looking around Until they find something to buy. Excited? You should be!

  1. Targeted Traffic

“Traffic” refers to the volume of visitors that your website will soon enjoy. However, not all Web traffic is useful. Like people walking down a street on a sunny day, not all of these people are interested in buying from your store.

Luckily, there are ways to deliver promotions directly to your market. If you already have a niche, all you have to do is to bring quality information and targeted marketing to the table and you’ll have a great way to boost your profits from online sales.

Branding will also gain traction much more quickly when people can take a look at your website and social media accounts any time of the day.

  1. Progress Tracking

Online marketing, like other types of marketing, can be measured and adjusted depending on the results that you get. If something doesn’t work on your first try, you can perform keyword tracking, location statistics and much more.

Expert Web analytics can help you increase sales by offering precious insight as to what people want to see on your website. Tried-and-tested techniques such as split-testing on the other hand can give you an idea what type of web design is best suited for a particular campaign. Everything on the Web can be effectively measured!

  1. Instant Profits

The beauty of online marketing is that the money can flow into your bank account daily. People can make purchases directly from your website using their PayPal account or credit card. So whether you’re selling flowers or colorful iguanas, there’s always a way to create a direct response system for people who want to buy from you.

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