Why Citations Are Vital for Local SEO Rankings

When you’re first getting to understand SEO, it’s important to ask questions. Questions like, “what is an SEO company?“, “what are backlinks?”, “how can I get the most out of my monthly campaign?”, etc.

However, once you understand the process and you’re ready to pull the trigger, it’s time to trust the agency you’re choosing and let them do their thing. Monthly campaigns are run monthly for a reason. It takes time for work to be completed, and it also takes time for Google to take notice of the changes.

We get a lot of questions about local SEO. After all, we run many Scottsdale and Phoenix focused campaigns. We’re fortunate enough to stay in such a popular, well-searched area. This allows us to work within many local industries and markets. Anyways, one of the biggest topics we get questions about are citations.

Put simply, citations are mention of your website on someone else’s website. This might be a directory, a blog article that was written about your business, a social media profile, and so on. A full citation includes your name, address and phone number, and is a simple way for Google to have more confidence in the fact that you’re a reputable, credible business.

If you have a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and you’re running an updated YouTube channel (and you have your business’ information listed on each of these), chances are you’re much more reputable than a business without these channels, and without these mentions (citations).

Now, most of the time, your strategy is going to include getting citations consistently. There are many high authority (DA) listings and directories out there that are important to get citations on. Some of them are really well know. Others aren’t. This is part of the secret sauce the right SEO company can help you apply.

We’ll give you a couple here, but feel free to get in contact with us to discuss working together. We’d be happy to be crushing it for you, and not be giving you more tasks to do. We know you’re already busy enough.

Thumbtack allows you to add a partial citation. YellowPages gives you a relatively full profile for free. So does LinkedIn and CrunchBase. These are all high trust, high authority citations (and links). Lock these down and keep adding more each month.

There are hundreds, even thousands more, high quality citations to get. It’s important to keep sending Google signals of trust and authority, so your business continues to improve in the rankings over time. For more information on citations and your own domain, go ahead and get in contact with us.